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HSR 5 Day Training Course (Workcover NSW Approved)

This Health and Safety Representative (HSR) Training course meets the requirements for elected HSRs and deputy HSRs under the Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Act. This HSR training course should be attended by elected HSRs who have requested approved training under the WHS Act to assist them in performing their role and using their powers under the WHS Act. Participants will gain an understanding of their role and powers and attain the necessary skills to meet the requirements of the WHS Act for elected Health and Safety Representatives. Easy HR is approved by Workcover NSW to facilitate this 5 day HSR course.

HSRs are entitled to a one day HSR Refresher Training Course every year.


Topics Covered

  • Day 1 - Workplace Health and Safety Framework
  • Day 2 - Consultation, Representation and Participation
  • Day 3 - Role of the HSR in Issue Resolution and Minimising Risks
  • Day 4 - Inspections, Notifiable Incidents and incident Investigations (practical Activities)
  • Day 5 - Provisional Improvement Notices (PINs) and ceasing unsafe work


Who should attend

  • Workplace Health and Safety Committee members (HSCs)
  • Workplace Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs)
  • Line Managers
  • Workplace Health and Safety Managers