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HLTWHS005 - Conduct Manual Tasks Safely

This is a nationally recognised unit.

Easy HR is a Registered Training Organisation : RTO number 91334.


Course Overview

This unit will allow the student to identify, assess and control manual handling risks as specified within WH&S Manual Handling Regulations and therefore provide the knowledge and skills to limit back injury.


Topics Covered

1 Follow organisation procedures, for a particular task, to minimise risk of injury

1.1       Use appropriate posture and handling techniques to reduce muscle load on exertion
1.2       Manage work tasks involving vibration in accordance with workplace policies and procedures
1.3       Use appropriate manual handling techniques and equipment to meet customer needs within own scope of responsibility
1.4       Package loads appropriately for easy handling
1.5       Follow lifting limitations prescribed within relevant guidelines
1.6       Use safe work practices in handling loads

1.7  Wear appropriate personal protective equipment


2 Utilise and implement strategies as directed to improve workplace organisation

2.1 Identify work health and safety (WHS) hazards, assess risk and report to supervisor
2.2 Contribute to workplace design and task analysis to ensure appropriate work areas are developed
2.3 Follow workplace policies and procedures in relation to pacing and scheduling of tasks
2.4 Carry out equipment and environmental maintenance in accordance with a workplace preventative maintenance schedule
2.5 Follow workplace procedures for reporting symptoms and injuries to self and or others
2.6 Follow workplace procedures for any return to work program


Learning Outcomes

Students who complete this course will be able to dmonstrate and understanding of:

    • Legislative requirements and best practice approaches to WHS
    • Location and use of safety equipment such as fire extinguishers and emergency units and alarms
    • Potential hazards in the workplace and the risks/potential risks of certain behaviours, layouts/features
    • Reporting mechanisms required for workplace injury and compensation claims
    • Rights and obligations of employees and employers regarding WHS
    • Significant hazards in the workplace both indoors and outdoors
    • Workplace procedures that apply to fire, accidents and emergency situations


    Training Resources

    Ask us about the vertebral simulator that we use to demonstrate spine and disc movements. These simulators have been sourced from overseas and are used so that Easy HR course participants are able to visually understand and view the physiology of the spine, as well as common manual handling injuries. The simulators allow course participants to feel and touch a simulation of the vertebra and discs. This facilitates more effective learning and recall.



    In order to receive a statement of attainment for this course, participants will need to complete a short written assessment, as well as successfully complete a number of practical manual handling activities. Participants with literacy difficulties may complete the assessment verbally. Students who successfully complete this nationally recognised training will be awarded the statement of attainment: HLTHSE204D Follow Safe Manual Handling Practices.


    Who should attend

    Anyone who needs a formal qualification in manual handling.