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Student Handbook

Easy HR provides specialist training in Workplace Health and Safety and Workplace Emergency Response. We provide training to nationally recognised standards for business and their staff which meets industry and vocational training competency standards, plus legislation and compliance requirements for business.

Nationally Recognised Training

Easy HR is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO91334).

Easy HR offers competency based training programs that meet the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) standards. This means that courses are nationally recognised in post- compulsory education and training within Australia.

The Company conducts courses that are accredited and recognised by the relevant government bodies and educational institutions; qualifications received at Easy HR are portable between all Registered Training Organisations.


Australian Quality Framework (AQF)

Easy HR is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) registered by ASQA. In order to maintain our registered status, we must comply with the AQF standards which outline the basis upon which all RTOs must operate. The AQF provides the basis for a nationally consistent, high-quality vocational education and training system.


Compliance with AQF Standards and Legislative Requirements

The Company complies with and maintains up to date copies of all relevant legislative acts.


Easy HR Aims And Objectives

Easy HR provides a common sense, practical approach to training. Our trainers are fully qualified and have extensive practical and theoretical experience in industry. You will learn the skills and competencies required by learning from professionals who ‘practice what they teach'. This enables us to bring the expertise and knowledge of a ‘real life situation' to our training environment.


Easy HR - Our Commitment

Easy HR undertakes to provide a level of service matching industry best practice. Easy HR provides training and assessment best suited to meet the individual learner's needs. This includes learning one-on-one through distance learning. A quality control system is in place to maintain standards and develop improvements to the education and training process.


Contacting Us

We welcome student and employer enquiries. We can be contacted by phone , fax or email.
Please use our quote request form if you would like a quote for in house training.


Access And Equity

The Company encourages access to its courses subject to the prerequisites required to participate in a particular course. The Company will provide a learning environment that is free from discrimination and harassment and ensure that participants are treated with respect and in a fair and considerate manner whilst studying with us.


Proof of Identification

Some courses require Proof of Identification at the start of the course. If you cannot satisfy the Proof of Identity requirements by the start time on the training day you may not be able to stay for the course. Proof of identity documentation is displayed on our website, and is also forwarded with the course joining instructions. Refunds are not provided for students who are unable to provide suitable identification.


Workbooks and materials

We provide the workbooks and materials for courses as part of the fee. Distance correspondence materials will be posted to you.


Selection and admission

Employers can nominate staff that will attend training. Individuals `can enrol in any public course, as long as you meet the entry and personal identification requirements. Some of our training courses are aimed at participants with specific workplace safety responsibilities.


Training Delivery and Assessment procedures

Every participant, on commencement of a course will be taken through an outline of the delivery and assessment process. All assessments meet the Australian Quality Framework (AQF) Principles.


Participant induction

We talk to your employer prior to the course and to participants at the start of each course. We can answer questions during breaks. Don't hesitate to ask us if there is something about the training that concerns you.


Learner Support and Assistance

Most of our courses are short workshops. So we do not have extensive support services for our participants. But we want our participants to succeed in their learning. If participants are having difficulties our trainers and assessors can provide the following types of learner support assistance.

Participants are encouraged to discuss any problems or issues they may have in learning. The trainer will try to identify together with the participant what issues the participant may face in learning and adjust the class accordingly.

Such assistance may include :

  • Explanations of parts of the learning that have not been understood.
  • Repeat of classes (subject to availability)
  • Extra time on practicals and testing as appropriate
  • Individual or group coaching subject to agreement by the employer.

We do not offer guidance or welfare advice given the length of our courses and our expertise.




Harassment and victimisation is offensive, intimidating, uninviting and unwelcome behaviour designed to damage, belittle, or take advantage of, another person.

It includes

  • physical assault, including sexual assault, offensive jokes and suggestions, verbal abuse,
  • distributing or displaying offensive material (pictures, cartoons, etc);
  • making offensive telephone calls;
  • making suggestions about sexual activity or sexual favours with threats or promises
  • telling jokes or making derogatory comments about a person's age, sex, race, cultural background or disability;
  • isolating, segregating, or humiliating, questioning or ignoring another's capabilities because they are of a particular gender or belong to a minority group.

Easy HR will follow up on complaints of harassment. You should first talk to the Trainer about your circumstances. You may also wish to talk to your employer. There is a process to follow such complaints that is fair and meets our legal obligations.

You have the right to seek advice from relevant government bodies such as the Anti-Discrimination Board or an Ethnic Council.


Language and literacy adjustments

  • Support persons such as signers and interpreters are welcome in our classes.
  • We will ensure that our training is delivered at a reasonable pace for the various types of learners in each class.
  • We will use Plain English and explain terminology with practical examples.
  • Assessment will be both written and practical.


Workplace Health & Safety

Easy HR trainers and assessors are informed of:

  • The workplace health and safety legislation as it relates to their educational environments.
  • Principles and practice of effective WHS management.
  • Common hazards in educational environments.
  • WHS management systems, policies and procedures for reporting to Easy HR management.



In the case of an emergency requiring evacuation, the trainer will notify his/her class that they will be evacuating the building and will follow the designated procedures. The trainer will outline this procedure at the commencement of each course.



Easy HR adheres to the Copyright Act. All course materials and software are licensed or owned by Easy HR.



Personal property - Participants are responsible for their own personal belongings. Easy HR will not accept any responsibility for stolen or damaged personal property.

Participant records – Records are kept in a lockable filing cabinet in the administration offices. Only those with authority are able to access them. Participant records are not to leave the premises, except for when they are being archived.


Assessment Processes

All courses will be assessed against the competency standards or the assessment criteria set out for that course against the industry regulations.

Qualifications or credentials cannot be purchased and payment for any course does not guarantee that the Participant will achieve the competencies required or receive the qualification or credential.



Participant complaints and assessment appeals procedures

All complaints and appeals must be dealt with in a constructive and timely manner.

Steps to follow in an assessment appeal:
For testing and assessments, if the participant appeals the results, the Assessor will immediately discuss the outcome to resolve the difference and reach agreement.

If agreement cannot be reached, the participant has the right to be assessed again by the same assessor, or requests that another assessor undertakes the assessment.

If agreement is still not reached, an appeals form must be completed. Then the participant and Director, or nominee, shall meet to discuss the assessment. Details of the meeting will be recorded in writing and the participant informed of the decision.

If agreement still cannot be reached, and the Participant wishes to make a formal appeal, then this appeal must be heard by an independent person or panel if resolution cannot be reached first

Steps to follow if clients or participants have a complaint with Easy HR
We are customer focused and want to use complaints as an opportunity to improve our services.

In the first instance, the complaint should be discussed with the relevant member of staff or the Director. If not satisfied, a complaints form should be filled out and sent to the Director.

Details of any meetings with the complainant will be recorded in writing and the complainant informed.

If agreement still cannot be reached, and the complainant wishes to pursue the matter it can be taken to the Department of Fair Trading or the Training Complaints Hotline.


How to get the most out of your Easy HR Training Course

  • Come well rested and have breakfast or a meal prior to commencing.
  • Come ready to learn — determine to leave outside concerns and work behind for these few hours.
  • Don't give people your mobile and tell them that you can be contacted during the course. This is very disruptive to the whole group. You will be asked to switch off your mobile during the training.
  • Allow plenty of time — plan to be 15 minutes early.
  • Pre-read any material we send you.
  • Wear appropriate loose and comfortable clothing.
  • Where personal protective equipment is a requirement, participants are expected to wear it.


Our Responsibility the Easy HR Code of Practice

Easy HR undertakes to meet the requirements set down as a registered training organisation. Our responsibilities are set out in the Code of Practice, the Policy Manual and in this Information brochure for clients and Participants.



( V19-01A)